A Winner is a Dreamer Who Never Gives Up

Even rodeo road is never long when you’re in good company!

Below are heartfelt comments I’m humbled to receive from the barrel racers I’m honored and grateful to serve here at and beyond…

“I am just starting out in the barrel racing world and it hasn’t been easy. I am leasing a horse who I am training from the ground up. This is definitely a personal challenge… I just wanted to thank you for giving me that extra ounce of courage and determination. You are awesome!!!!”
Nicole K.

“I just got your book today, and I have already tore through the first chapter. WOW!!! I am so glad that I got this book, and I can’t wait for the next one. I love how you talk about how important foundation is… it is really an eye opener.”
Andriea K.


“Your website and book gives the real information that we are all looking for. It is easy to understand and it is those little secrets that the professionals do not tell.”

– Pat B.


“I absolutely LOVED your book. I am so thankful for your insights… I feel like I am on the same journey that you have been on, and by reading your book I have been fast-forwarded. My heart aches to be back on top again, and I won’t stop trying!”
Stephanie W.

“Your words go far beyond the arena! They seem to come right when needed the most…and not just for me, but my daughters as well! We were just talking about perfectionism last night and how destructive it is in barrel racing…and life. Keep the emails coming…they not only are educational, but are like my devotionals that I read each day!”
Scarlett M.

“I am almost done with your book, and I LOVE IT!!! I love the chapter on feel and awareness. I want to be the best rider I can be. I want to know my horse and have him work as hard for me as I do for him… your book was especially helpful. Someday, you will see me at the Nationals Finals, and you can sure bet who I will give credit to.”
Andriea K.

“I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for what you do. The website you have put together is amazing. It’s clear that you are very dedicated to what you do, and put a lot of time into these things just to help others. You are a great rider, and writer. And it shows you got that way through a lot of hard work.”
Sabrina A.


“With everything that I have learned we performed the BEST run we have EVER, EVER, EVER had on Saturday!! I had goose bumps from head to toe and was brimming with confidence! I haven’t had lessons on barrels or attended clinics for around a year now (I have been relying on your book and articles) and look where it’s got me, I now have a horse running 1D times and have now performed the best run I have ever done on her. There was no pulling, leaning on my hand or attempting to run past the barrel! She was so sooo responsive, thank you heaps for your help!”

– Ruby H.


“Thank you for asking the question: ‘What am I doing daily to reach my goals?’ I had gotten away from that and am indeed thankful that you steered me back in the right direction. I will continue my passion for true horsemanship and will keep working!”
Stephanie W.

“The amount of positivity you share is overwhelming, and I have even showed a few non-horsey people your book, because the lessons of being positive should apply to everyone! My ideal outcome is to get into the NFR. You will defiantly be one of the many people I thank once I get up there, you have helped me more than you know. I have this overwhelming passion for this sport and the horses. I come from a family who know nothing about horses, which when I was young was tough, but I’m going to make it far. One day you will hear my name and say ‘Hey, I remember talking to her!'”
Stephanie H.

“I want you to know from someone that is just getting back into racing after 14 years off due to having and raising kids it’s hard, and your book and tips have really helped me. Keep it up, it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.”
Sarah M.

“Heather, you are such an encouragement. You are such an honest and sharing person. What you have is a GOD given talent. Your willingness to share real good ideas, exercises, deeper things to think about, life experiences, and open reverence to GOD are what we all need to hear. My last five years have been trying, but only through the LORD’s help it gets better and better every day. So keep up the great work, I need your pointers and motivation.”
Kathy F.


“I enjoyed the section that dealt with being mentally aware and in the moment. I am busy so a lot of times when I get on a horse I catch my mind wandering to all the things I need to do once I’m finished. Or, I will only have X amount of time to ride and feel like I have to hurry the horse to pick on what I’m doing so I can be done on time.”

– Lynn M., World Champion Barrel Racer


“I’m sure you hear this all the time but you have no idea how much your book has helped me and my horse already!! I was just getting started in my barrel racing career right before God gave me my beautiful baby boy. Your book has helped me and my horse get back on track!! Thank you so much!”
Lindi H.

“I can’t thank you enough! I have set a couple of goals this year and with your help I’m staying motivated & focused. Your videos hit home more than you know. I have a torn ACL, but I never quit & I never quit riding. The other morning I was thinking my knee hurt so bad that there’s no way I can follow my dream. Then I got your email & I watched the video – my little kick in the pants for the day! I’m still reading your book & put it to good use. I just can’t thank you enough for coming into my life when you did!”

“I just wanted to say thank you SO much for the last email you sent out. I’ve been struggling a lot have come to some other road blocks in life lately, and not five minutes before I opened you email I thought, “I just want to give up.” But, as soon as I started reading you wonderful words of wisdom, I realized I needed to continue to press on! I love getting you emails…. it always makes my day a little bit better!”
Olivia G.

“As usual you have given us another great article. I’ve been working on staying positive for a while now and I know all about challenges and ups and downs. I have had serious medical things going on but God and my horses have always been there for me. I am starting to ride again and I am determined to compete. You are an inspiration to me, I wish I could do as much for you.”
Peggy S.


“I really appreciate your approach! I take a lot of pride in understanding where my horses are coming from. I’ve read your comments and posts and wow – finally an accurate and appreciated perspective! Quality horsemanship takes time, dedication, compassion and understanding. It means a lot to me that someone is really accurately addressing some of these rather disturbing issues which so often people work hard to ignore in this corner of the horse world. A huge KUDOS to barrel racing tips!”

– Sean W.


“Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your advice…. and thank you again for all the advice you share in your books and emails. I am very thankful to have found your help. I hope that you know how much you are appreciated and that my friends enjoy your book as much as I have. Thank you!”
Stephanie W.

“I liked that the book talked about the unspoken things of horses that are in the back of your mind but really aren’t confirmed as being important in success. It really stimulated my thought process in activities with my horses off their back. It really got me to think what’s better for my horse than what’s convenient for me. I had no idea…”
Autumn W.

“I just wanted to say a big thanks to you! It is crazy how much your info has helped me already and it has only been a couple of weeks reading your articles! My barrel racing was horrible before and with your help I have gotten down to the base of those problems and they are improving already (the problem was me btw). Thanks a million!!”
Allannah B.

“I have been reading your Secrets book. I have already shed some tears in delight at the affirmations to my own life and journey with horses! I LOVE your book, and am inspired by your emails. So many things you write about have deep meaning for me personally. Even the one message you talked about “Talking to the feet.” I got it!! I mean really down deep got it! I could go on and on and on about this! God bless you and everything you do and stand for!”
Sandy H.


“I now have an entire new set of colts coming up. Perfect timing for me… I feel armed with so much more knowledge to prepare them with much less struggles and a lot more fun while they learn. The actual learning of the barrel pattern seems like such a small piece of it all now, when before, it seemed like the only thing that mattered. Thanks again for your articles.”

– Sandy H.


“I wanted to give you an update on my mare, we have really turned a corner. She is physically 100%, and mentally that has made a huge difference. I am taking action on my own mental game as well. Once again I would like to thank you, all your hard work has helped me. My dreams of being a professional barrel racer are not far. The days I feel like I can’t go on, an email shows up, or an update on Facebook reminding me that Mt. Everest was not climbed in a day and that the hard work will pay off.”
Tina P.

“When I found I thought, ‘Probably just another one of those confusing websites and not what I’m looking for.’ But when I looked I read so much stuff, my brain was full and it was so helpful! I subscribed right away and I’m so glad I did! So thanks a lot for all of the great info! I’ll keep reading and racing!”

“I am a huge fan. I thank you so much for your willingness to be so helpful. You have inspired me during times when I have seemed to give up hope for my career in barrel racing. I like to check out your site regularly and have printed many of your articles to add to my “barrel bible.” Your information has been extremely helpful, clear and easy to understand.”
Kim O.

“Thanks Heather! I really needed that uplifting video. Sometimes life can be difficult and out of nowhere someone (like you) sends a message to help that person out. My life has changed so much in the last three years, for the good. I have survived some great struggles and met some amazing people. Thank you again!”
Reta H.


“Received my “Secrets to Barrel Racing Success” and want to thank you… It has great information and for anyone who thinks they don’t need “another barrel racing book” on their shelf – this one is different!! It has application way beyond the arena so I would highly recommend that you buy it and read it – and then read it again on a regular basis!!”

– Sharyl N.


“I would just like to let you know that I love getting your newsletter! If there’s one thing that all my years of barrel racing have taught me it’s that no matter how good you get there is always something new to learn or to be reminded of.”
Ashtin A.

“First off, I would like to say I love your emails and website! I have a five year old gelding I purchased this year that I am very excited about! The slow work is paying off and we are having so much fun while working at our goal to become the best we can be, and I want to be pretty darn good!! Your advice and tips are very helpful along with your positive attitude; it’s very refreshing – I look forward to more!”
Kelsi O.

“Thank you so much for this email! I am dealing with all of this right now and the message you sent is what I need to hear and that I am on the right path. I DO believe barrel racing is my calling. Sometimes it is so hard to let go of distractions… Your words always seem to speak to exactly what is going on for me, and I am sure many others. Anyway thank you and you continue to inspire me in ways you will probably never realize!”
Anna E.

“You need to know that God is working through you to touch people. First of this week you sent out tips on giving it your all and not giving up. Even if you hit barrels or have a bobbles on the pattern. Well, I definitely had a big letdown in my last run. I just wanted to give up because I was beyond frustrated. I greatly appreciate you and the message that you brought to me in a time of need. I am not going to give up and I needed a good swift kick in the BUTT! Thank you for delivering the message that I desperately needed to hear.”
Donna W.


“THANK You… just reading and paying attention and watching… it’s changed the way I look at horses. I’m always looking to improve, and the pieces I’ve picked up here and there have changed what I’ve done in our program for the better, and I just want you to know that, and that you’re appreciated.”

– Reba S.


“…your book is giving us the push we need to become not just good, but great at barrel racing. For that I thank you. Next year when I am at the National High School Finals, I will have you to thank for your great advice. I have already tore through the Confident Barrel Racer and the Speed Guide, and for them I must say thank you, too. I loved the Confident Barrel Racer because I think that it gives a good insight… I will be sure to keep it close and remember all the helpful advice. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!”
Andriea K.

“Again and always, thank you for all the time and effort you put into passing on and sharing your passion. I’ve picked up on several things this year that hit me square between the eyes. There are some legitimate obstacles that prevent some aspects of training for me, but I need to get creative and am determined to find a way to make the desire a reality. I do get choked up with emotion when I see these women run and listen to their stories. I think to myself – ‘THAT could be you someday.’ With your continued support, and all the resources available, it is time to begin the journey. Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge.”

“I just want to thank you for all your articles and what you do. I have related very personally from all of them in one way or another and have found them helpful. This article you wrote on “speed” was PERFECT timing and guidance to the one thing I have set my goals on improving upon this year. Letting go of all thoughts and concentrating on going fast… I was able to execute a very nice run this past weekend doing just that. I made a few adjustments to my thoughts throughout my entire warm up, wait in the holding pen and run. Even with many new distractions and less than normal warm up conditions at a place we were familiar with!”
Sandy H.

“Thank you for the tips, I print them out for my daughter to read since she is working with her three year old now that high school rodeo season is over. They answer some of the questions I cannot, which is good since kids don’t like to listen to their parents… ha ha ha… keep up the great work I really enjoy reading about your horses and the tips you send.”
Ronda G.


“I want to start by thanking you for all you have poured in to, you have really helped my horsemanship. My dream is the NFR, it has been since I was a little girl. Your book has reassured me that I am on the right path and to keep going no matter how hard it gets. I hope you can find happiness in the success you have given to others, like myself. Thank you again Heather.”

– Tina P.


“Just wanted to let you know that your “Secrets” book is awesome! It totally covers what no other book does. What I’ve read covers the true secrets to barrel racing success – that are not all about the obvious, but really about how far you are willing to challenge yourself and your horse to be the best you can be! You are a true testament to what every barrel racer should strive to be. Thanks for sharing your gifts!”
Jeana W.

“As usual heather…great read! I am so impressed with your energy to learn, learn, learn and I do love learning also! May not be quiet as energetic as you are or young, but still open to suggestions! Thank you for spreading all your wonderful adventures on others & sharing all you know to help anyone willing to read!!!”
Linda H.

“I ordered your book again so I could get The Confident Barrel Racer. I have read it several times and learned things each time. You are such an excellent writer and you tell me in ways I can understand. You certainly have a gift and I encourage you to keep it up (and keep encouraging me with your words). I feel like my horse has the capabilities, I just need to relax and have fun. So again, keep up the good work. I know there are others out there like me.
Julie F.

“That was such a sweet video! I just want to tell you, Heather, that you are doing an amazing job with the tips! I look for support and encouragement to keep me confident in myself and the messages that you send seem to overwhelm me with how much you put into doing this. I just want to thank you personally, because you’re doing a great job and you are MAKING A DIFFERENCE!”
Brooke R.


“I LOVE your barrel racing tips!!!!! I hate to read, but I read these all the time. They have really hit some touchy spots for me. I have my number one horse, he was the horse that three other trainers gave up on. He ALWAYS gives me 100%. Thanks SO MUCH for ALL your time. Love your book, emails & web site! Great information, your dedication is empowering & I hope you realize how much your time & efforts are appreciated!”

– Bree


“I found your website and started using your tips, drills and advice and they have made the world of difference. I love your site and getting refreshers about what to do with certain problems that come up. The articles I read just recently helped, about a horse needing to make the decision to behave at a race, not keep “holding” them and keeping them in control. They need to make a choice as well, and grow up! Loved that article!
Avery B.

“I learned while I’m riding just to have a more awareness to be with my horse. I learned that instead of running my horse at the barrel race, to be one with him on that run. He was just barely getting by with no effort because he had no bond and no reason to want to please. I got him in December and have implemented some of the suggestions and it seems he already is trying to please me, not just go through the motions.”
Autumn W.

“I am totally impressed with your articles, and the way you come at barrel racing. LOVE the way you talk about learning to ride properly and have horsemanship knowledge before you attempt speed events. Every equine sport or activity requires preparation which, I am sorry to say many people lack, then they blame the horse. In my experience, the horse is very seldom in the wrong. So keep the articles coming. If I’m not learning something new, I’m being reminded and re-enforcing things I have learned in the past. I wish all the little girls that are riding gamers would read and understand your training methods. Thank you!”
Faye R.

“As always, thank you so much for sharing!!! Your year has gone similar to my own and your determination and perseverance are nothing short of inspiring. The tips are awesome and I usually share them with friends or young riders I work with. Keep up the great work.”
Clara A.


“Thank you so much, Heather, for all that you do… I love reading every article and watching every video you post. You can’t even imagine what an impact you have had on my life. I find myself tearing up reading your messages because I can relate to each and every one of them. You and your faith is a breath of fresh air. Thank you, thank you, thank you… please keep up the wonderful work and know that you have made such an impact on my life.”

– Ashley H.


“I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoy your weekly emails. Your “Create Soft Round Movement” article was excellent and just what I was needing! I can’t wait to use the more leg, more leg, more leg tip with an expectation that this horse start taking an increased responsibility to hold the correct position in a circle on his own. I know these things will carry over and give me the first barrel that will move him into a competitive 1D horse. Thank you for all the great information you provide!”
Karen T., Professional Barrel Racer

“I just finished “Secrets to Barrel Racing Success” and once again I would like to commend you on bringing many concepts to the table that aren’t in any of the other books on our sport. These concepts are absolutely crucial to our success – both in and out of the arena – and are truly the ones that will define our success and therefore our lives. Thanks again.”
Sharyl N.

“I’ve been enjoying your e-mails and articles on your web site. I have received your book and look forward to reading it. Anyway, thanks for all your help. It’s great that you take the time to come up with all this information and pass it on to the rest of us!”
Barb S.

“I need this sooooooooo much…thank you. I love all your knowledge & the way you pass it down to all others…what a blessing you truly are to share such a volume of wisdom! I truly appreciate all the help I can get to better myself for my horses!”
Linda H.


“I just bought Secrets to Barrel Racing Success, and I must say after reading it three times I just still can’t put it down! This book has given me more to be positive about and it has gotten me farther than ever! My dream is like many of your readers, the NFR. It has been in my sight since I was a little girl and your book has helped me so much! I believe I was not putting enough responsibilities on my horse and “babysitting.” But no more – my horses are coming up great now!”

– Stephanie H.


“In many ways I find I can relate to some portion of each email. But, your assertive bluntness in your emails as really been the wake-up call I needed! I am constantly learning something from you! I just want to express my many thanks and gratitude to you and what you do… you probably will never know how you have actually impacted my life and how my future is actually being affected by you and your emails. So, THANK YOU HEATHER, thank you for brightening my day and helping me to learn even more!!”
Destanie M.

“I love all the videos you’ve done, and articles you’ve written. I am enthralled with barrel racing, and I would like to think that I am very dedicated and will reach my goals no matter what it takes, but you have inspired me to be more than I can explain to be everything from a better barrel racer, a better trainer, a better dreamer, to a better person. I could never thank you enough.”
Sabrina A.

“I have been barrel racing for around 30 years and ran across your web site quite on accident. I have owned a lot of very nice horses… we were in the bottom of 1D top of 2D then last fall we started hitting the 2nd barrel… If I had not run across your web site I would not have gone back to basics to figure out what was going on. I enjoy your articles, and there is nothing more important than basic horsemanship!!”
Randa B.

“Heather, this article was perfectly timed! Thank you so much for giving me the list of questions to ask as I’m going to look at a potential prospect this weekend! You do such a great job at helping all of us reach our full potential. From one small town girl to another, thank you so much!”
Shonda G.


“Thank you SO much for creating It is my go-to website and has helped me win races! I was especially having problems with the first barrel (not rating), so I came to your website, found an article, and it worked like a charm! Thanks again, Heather. I will continue to check in regularly with your website.”

– Ellie J.


“Just wanted to thank you for the links. They were truly helpful. Turns out I had to go back to the basics myself. It was a mistake I was making in our runs, imagine that, Lol. I was pushing him over with my leg and didn’t even realize it. I love all your emails and tips and look forward to them every week. Thanks so much for all you do!”

“I would just like to thank you for all your tips and wisdom you share. You last email about perfect hit the spot for me…I was a terrible perfectionist… but my horses are responding in a whole new way. I am starting to get on the right track back to my goals not only in horsemanship but in life. I would just like to send you a huge thank you as you are one of the people I look up to and admire. So thank you so much for your emails and the time you take to come up with each one.”

“I just wanted to let you know that I could not put down my free gifts that I received with my purchase of Secrets to Barrel Racing Success so I read them in less than 24 hours! You had me crying just like you said at that particular moment in the confidence booklet. Let me tell you personally thank you for putting it out there so bluntly. I have some big, big dreams to fulfill and I most definitely cannot do it without being connected to my source! Thank you again Heather!”
Carletta F.

“My gelding is my soul mate. Bought him about a year ago and we WOW the audience every time we make a run. My filly is in training and we are just getting to know each other. I want to go pro. I just recently bought a copy of your book “Secrets to Barrel Racing Success” and I absolutely love it. Best thing I have invested in.”
Ashlyn S.


“I just wanted to say thank you for this site and the articles. I love this because it makes me stay on top of what I’m working for with my horse. It keeps me thinking, improving and re-evaluating myself and what I’m doing and how I’m asking my horse. Thank you again.”

– Kassandra M.


“Your tips have helped me so much!!! I am just training my first barrel horse on my own and really didn’t have much of an idea to start off on, but once I found your website, things started coming along nicely. I just want to say thanks to you! You are doing what I wish many other barrel racers would do. The webisodes that you do are so helpful and they are free. Again, thank you very much!!!!”
Stephanie H.

“I received my copy of your book today and I am so excited to dive into it. I may have to order a second copy though because I plan on taking notes and using my highlighter in this one. Thank you SO much for sharing you “SECRETS” with us fellow barrel racers! I look forward to advancing my career using your knowledge. Much appreciated from a very loyal fan!”
Sarah L.

“I’ve been receiving your emails for a few months now, and I need to express my thanks! I too, am an avid learner, and love any opportunity I can take advantage of to learn something new. I honestly light up every time I see a new email from you. I can’t wait to put everything else a side, even if it’s only for a few moments, to hear about your own personal discoveries and advice.”
Destanie M.

“I have used your book so much and I’m very happy with the results I have gotten and the web site is great also. I have recommended it to all my friends, and I would like to say how much I enjoyed the fact that you included God in your book this has also helped me on my journey!!!! Thank you so much for sharing with the rest of us I have been so inspired by it.”
Cindy W.


“That’s so cool that you want to hear back from your fans! I love the barrel racing tips site!!! I found a link that directed me to your site and I have been a frequent visitor since! A lot of the videos you posted were very helpful to my own problems and I really appreciate that you give several exercises and suggestions to the questions asked!”

– Cassidy K.


“This article you wrote is absolutely great. I have really high standards for myself in the arena (and outside the arena); therefore, those level of expectations are carried over towards my horses. But I am learning to appreciate what my horse is doing good and not being so critical of what he’s not doing. I am thankful and appreciate that you are willing to put the time and effort into planting seeds in so many lives to help barrel racers become the better athlete as well as a better individual.”
Chezie D.

“I am definitely not the same person I used to be, I have much more wisdom and appreciation. I am now more willing and patient to take the steps to reach my goals, unlike my younger years when I wanted everything at once, and winning was definitely attached to self-worth. I have a fabulous mare that I am still getting to know and she a big part of the key to where our future goes! I have learned that playing it safe and not taking risks, doesn’t get you nearly as far as being brave and having the courage to see what happens next! I have a lot of people like yourself to thank that have kept me going! I look forward to meeting you one day down the road, in order to thank you for being brave enough to bare your soul, something we all need to learn how to do! Thank you again.”
Shilah H.

“Thank you Heather Smith!!! This powerful video is exactly what I needed!!! And thank you for sharing your incredible tips and expertise in such an approachable and passionate way. You approach has helped me and my horse grow closer which in turn has helped our performance. Thank you!!!!”
Tara L.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your positive spin. Heather, you have such a great outlook, and I can tell that you really want to help barrel racers and their horses. You truly are an inspiration to all of us. Heck, I’m no spring chicken and may even be older than you but I still wanna be like you when I grow up… seriously! Keep up the good… no, great work!”
Stephanie W.


“I have recently discovered your website and immediately became addicted to it! There is so much to learn through this website and everything is eye-opening and awesome. I keep going back to it every day to read more and reread things that are helpful to me at this point in time, trying to grasp and let everything sink in so I won’t forget them.”

– Karen T.


“I absolutely love reading your articles! Listening to you talk about Dot Com and Pistol just gets me so excited…I just really wanted to let you know your articles mean the world to me, they guide me through my rough patches where I just run out of knowledge! Thanks so much!”
Mackenzie M.

“You continue to inspire me every day!!! Your words and knowledge are affirmations and GREATLY encouraging to me and to the journey I have been on with myself and my horses the past six years that reach deep into my soul. I look forward to these emails and to reading more of your books. THANK YOU.”
Sandi H.

“I never realized what ‘get more with less’ really meant until you explained it clearly. You are really helping horses with people problems more than you can imagine.”
Pat B.

“I really want to thank you for you sharing more about just winning at barrels but winning at life. You share knowledge, experience and training, and you express it with wisdom and joy from the heart. Be encouraged that you are affecting people that you will probably never personally get to meet but may one day be your president.”
Michael F.

“I look forward to your emails and find them all very interesting and helpful. Some days I don’t plan on riding and visit your Facebook page or website and will read something and it motivates me to go out and ride anyway.”
Hailey B.